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    A Clear Alternative to Braces for Adults

    More adults than ever are taking measures to perfect their smiles. For some, traditional metal braces just aren’t something they want to consider. Thanks to the invention of clear aligners, there are now options that never existed in the past.

    Most of Dr. Pappas’ adult patients simply don’t want to wear metal braces. For some it’s about professional appearance; for others the uncomfortable wires and brackets aren’t something they want to deal with just for the sake of a better smile. When clear aligners entered the playing field, they truly filled a need in dentistry, and since then they have given many patients the opportunity to achieve the straight teeth they’ve always wanted.

    Benefits of Clear Aligners

    The most exciting part for many patients is the fact that clear aligners are almost invisible. One of the major drawbacks to traditional braces is how much they change the wearer's day-to-day life. From comfort to appearance to restricting diet and staining around brackets, the orthodontic process can be a difficult time for many patients who go the metal braces route. 

    With clear aligners, your life doesn’t change. You don’t have to worry about staining around brackets or restricting your diet, because the aligners are completely removable at mealtime and during your oral hygiene routine.

    Who Can Benefit From Clear Aligners? 

    Invisalign clear aligners can be successful for patients who have never had braces before and are just starting out on their orthodontic journey. Patients who wore braces growing up but haven’t maintained use of their retainer also find great success at straightening their smile.

    Clear aligners aren't just for adults - they have opened up a whole new world of options for patients of various ages who are looking to get straighter teeth without a major change in their life and appearance. For more information about Invisalign or to schedule an appointment, call Arcadia Dental Arts at 602-957-9643.

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    Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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