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    'Bleachorexia' Is Real

    It’s safe to say we all want whiter teeth. But what happens when it becomes an obsession? "Bleachorexia" occurs when teeth whitening gets out of control. Bleaching teeth repeatedly and excessively can cause irreversible damage. It weakens the enamel, which is what protects the dentin and pulp of the tooth. Over time, excessive bleaching can even make teeth yellower because once the enamel is thin enough, the yellower interior of the tooth begins to show through. Over-the-Counter Whitening Products   The biggest concern is over-the-counter whitening strips, pastes and trays that are used without the supervision of a trained dentist. Professional whitening services are ideal because Dr. Pappas can monitor your progress and ensure treatments are safe and effective. Teeth Whitening Is All the Rage  It’s no surprise that over-whitening has become a problem as viral videos with at-home chemical concoctions abound on social media and television commercials challenge watchers to...
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    Alzheimer’s Medication Could Help Retire Dental Drills for Good

    Dental drills and fillings are one of the reasons many people avoid or dread a visit to the dentist. New research may have found a way to treat cavities without the pain and anxiety of the drill. Alzheimer’s drug Tideglusib is currently being used in clinical trials to encourage brain cell growth. Now a research team from King’s College London have successfully used the drug to regrow dentin, the layer of tooth that protects the pulp, in mice. How Does It Work? The drug works by switching off enzyme GSK-3, which prevents our bodies from regrowing dentin. The King's College team soaked collagen sponges already on the market in Tideglusib and placed them into cavities in mice. As the sponges disintegrated, constantly releasing the medication, the teeth began to form new dentin, healing the decay. Researchers are hopeful that because the drug is already being used in clinical trials, it may...
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    High-Sugar Diets Costing Billions in Dental Treatments

    It’s no surprise that experts say Americans consume far too much sugar each day. New research from a study conducted by Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG says it’s a worldwide problem. According to their research, the cost of dental treatments globally are approximately $172 billion U.S., or 128 billion euros. The research teams looked at data on tooth decay, gum inflammation and tooth loss. They also evaluated the consumption of white household sugar and the hidden sugars found in nearly all processed foods, drinks and condiments. Finally, they looked at the cost of treatments in relation to dental concerns commonly caused by sugar consumption. Just How Much Sugar Are We Consuming? According to the results of the study, every 25 grams of sugar consumed per person per day caused an increase of $100 U.S. per person per year. To put that into perspective, 25...
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