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    Alzheimer’s Medication Could Help Retire Dental Drills for Good

    Dental drills and fillings are one of the reasons many people avoid or dread a visit to the dentist. New research may have found a way to treat cavities without the pain and anxiety of the drill. Alzheimer’s drug Tideglusib is currently being used in clinical trials to encourage brain cell growth. Now a research team from King’s College London have successfully used the drug to regrow dentin, the layer of tooth that protects the pulp, in mice. How Does It Work? The drug works by switching off enzyme GSK-3, which prevents our bodies from regrowing dentin. The King's College team soaked collagen sponges already on the market in Tideglusib and placed them into cavities in mice. As the sponges disintegrated, constantly releasing the medication, the teeth began to form new dentin, healing the decay. Researchers are hopeful that because the drug is already being used in clinical trials, it may...
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