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    What’s the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy These Days?

    It’s a parenting moment that often catches moms and dads off-guard: How do you decide how much the tooth fairy should leave behind the first time a child loses a tooth? Many parents first think back to their childhood and start there. However, it’s common to find that you and your spouse or you and your friends had different luck when it came to the coins or cash left under your pillow after the loss of a tooth. Whatever amount you got per tooth, you can’t forget about inflation. While the final decision on the price tag of a tooth is different for each family, Delta Dental has been conducting a Tooth Fairy Poll every year since 1998 to track the changes in the tooth fairy market. Surprisingly enough, when the national average is compared to stock market activity, the numbers rise and fall in almost perfect unison, which seems to...
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