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    Years of Mismatched Dental Work Can Leave Bites Out of Whack

    Have you visited the same dentist your entire life? Most people haven’t. Life happens. You take a new job, you decide to make a fresh start and you move. When you do, you find a new daily routine, a new doctor, grocery store and even dentist. Over the years, dental work done here and there, as needed, can cause changes in the overall fit of teeth. A crown here, an implant there, some fillings over there ... it can create a shift in the balance of your bite. When your bite is out of alignment, things can get painful. Misaligned Bite Can Cause Pain and Even TMJ Disorder  Malocclusion, or a misalignment of the bite, can occur for many reasons. Some of these include: Pacifier or thumbsucking as a child Extra teeth Missing teeth Impacted teeth Misshapen teeth Cleft lip or palate Not only does a misaligned bite cause pain, but...
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