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    All About Hairy Tongue

    It may be hard to believe, but hairy tongue is an actual medical condition. It’s pretty harmless, but as the name implies it’s not something anyone wants as it can certainly be embarrassing. The American Academy of Oral Medicine estimates 13 percent of Americans are affected by hairy tongue, but it’s more common among some groups than others. Drug users, tobacco users and older Americans seem to suffer from this condition more than others. What Exactly Is Hairy Tongue? Contrary to what the name implies, actual hair has nothing to do with hairy tongue. The name comes from the hairy appearance on the tongue when a buildup of filiform papillae occurs. Filiform papillae are cone-shaped projections on the surface of the tongue that shed and regrow often, just like skin cells. In hairy tongue, the filiform papillae do not shed and instead continue to grow, causing a hair-like appearance on the...
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