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    What Makes Our Team Different

    When you move to a new city or simply decide you’re no longer happy at the dental practice you’ve been visiting for years, it can be daunting trying to decide on a new place to make your dental home. We take pride in the environment we’ve created here at Arcadia Dental Arts. We’ve worked hard to create a space where our patients feel comfortable discussing all their dental questions and needs. And we believe it shows! Most of our new patients come from hearing about us from our existing patients. There’s no greater compliment than knowing that our patients are so happy with the care they receive that they share that with their friends, family and even sometimes with new people they’ve just met! Here are a few of the key areas we’ve worked hard on that set us apart from other dental practices: Making our patients comfortable. We know and...
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    The Benefits of In-Office Dental Implants

    Missing a tooth or several teeth can make life difficult. Not only can it be challenging and even painful to chew or speak, but it can also be embarrassing. If you’ve considered dental implants in the past but just weren’t sure, you’ll love how easy the process has become over the years because of advances in technology. Thanks to CEREC Dental Crowns same-day implant technology, it’s now possible to have a customized implant crown created right here in the office in one visit. The two biggest benefits of having the technology and training available to create and place dental implants in the office is fewer appointments needed and a better-looking end product. Fewer Appointments  We're all short on time, and no one likes to come to the dentist more often than necessary. Dr. Pappas understands this, which is why he has invested his time, money and continuing education in order to...
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    A Dentist Who Goes Above and Beyond

    shutterstock_444243769There’s a saying from Newton D. Baker that sums up the importance of continuing education perfectly: "The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after."   Never has this been truer than in today’s world of ever-evolving technology. All dentists are required to take 25 hours of continuing education a year. For those with a passion for what they do, like Dr. Pappas, 25 hours a year isn't nearly enough. Each month Dr. Pappas takes 10 to 20 hours of continued education, and by the end of the year, he always has well over 100 hours. Why does he take continuing education so seriously? His office uses a lot of advanced technology that is always changing and getting better. In order to offer patients the latest and greatest treatment options, Dr. Pappas and the entire staff devote hours a week learning and further developing skills so...
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