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    'Bleachorexia' Is Real

    It’s safe to say we all want whiter teeth. But what happens when it becomes an obsession? "Bleachorexia" occurs when teeth whitening gets out of control. Bleaching teeth repeatedly and excessively can cause irreversible damage. It weakens the enamel, which is what protects the dentin and pulp of the tooth. Over time, excessive bleaching can even make teeth yellower because once the enamel is thin enough, the yellower interior of the tooth begins to show through. Over-the-Counter Whitening Products   The biggest concern is over-the-counter whitening strips, pastes and trays that are used without the supervision of a trained dentist. Professional whitening services are ideal because Dr. Pappas can monitor your progress and ensure treatments are safe and effective. Teeth Whitening Is All the Rage  It’s no surprise that over-whitening has become a problem as viral videos with at-home chemical concoctions abound on social media and television commercials challenge watchers to...
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    How to Achieve Whiter Teeth Naturally

    shutterstock_243236059In a culture of quick fixes, it’s easy to find an instant solution to something like stained or yellowing teeth. For some, the chemicals and harsh side effects of instant-whitening products are a serious downside. Fortunately there are natural ways to improve the color of your teeth without resorting to chemicals:    Flossing  It might be everyone’s least favorite part of their hygiene routine. Many people even skip it altogether. If you hate the yellowish stains you see in between your teeth, you’ll be happy to know that consistent flossing could be all you need to fix the problem. Not only does flossing help prevent cavities by removing debris that causes decay, but it can also help prevent staining that occurs when this debris sits on teeth and in between them for extended periods of time. Eating Certain Foods Just as there are foods and drinks that are terrible for teeth,...
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