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    5 Things to Do Besides Brushing for Whiter Teeth

    Few people would answer no to the question, "Do you want whiter teeth?" We all know brushing helps, and professional teeth whitening can make a huge difference as well. But what about other ways we can achieve whiter teeth on a day-to-day basis? Avoid the Stainers - Or at Least Rinse After If you just can't avoid tooth-staining favorites like coffee, wine and soda, you can at least minimize the impact by rinsing your mouth with water after indulging. It also helps your teeth to drink it all in one sitting versus sipping slowly over the course of an hour. Chew Sugarless Gum  This may seem like an odd recommendation coming from a dentist, but chewing gum actually stimulates your body’s production of saliva. Saliva is so important to oral health because it helps wash away debris and bacteria. A cleaner mouth means whiter teeth. Floss Some patients are surprised to...
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    How to Achieve Whiter Teeth Naturally

    shutterstock_243236059In a culture of quick fixes, it’s easy to find an instant solution to something like stained or yellowing teeth. For some, the chemicals and harsh side effects of instant-whitening products are a serious downside. Fortunately there are natural ways to improve the color of your teeth without resorting to chemicals:    Flossing  It might be everyone’s least favorite part of their hygiene routine. Many people even skip it altogether. If you hate the yellowish stains you see in between your teeth, you’ll be happy to know that consistent flossing could be all you need to fix the problem. Not only does flossing help prevent cavities by removing debris that causes decay, but it can also help prevent staining that occurs when this debris sits on teeth and in between them for extended periods of time. Eating Certain Foods Just as there are foods and drinks that are terrible for teeth,...
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